This is how I imagine it went down…

Me: “mmmph. Quiet. Vacation. Sleep”
Me:”For cryin out loud, shush! I refuse to get up!”
Me: FINE I’m awake!
Storm: My work here is done. … (fizzles away)
Me: I am SO blogging this.


#972: The Return of the Draining Boyfriend Of Yore

I adore Captain Awkward
“Don’t pour your beautiful selves into other people’s empty spaces. There is nothing there for you.”

Captain Awkward

Hi, Captain!

I’ve got a nice, awkward, many-years-running situation for you!

So when I was in my early 20s, I dated someone I shouldn’t have dated, whom I’ll call Dean. I dated him for five years. At the time, I was so isolated where I lived that it became a kind of “well, it’s better than not dating anyone” thing, until it became a love thing, and then an inertia thing. He wasn’t right for me in so many ways, but he wasn’t exactly bad to me either…and I was 23 and had very little relationship experience. Partway through the relationship I relocated to a major city for grad school, and took the opportunity to break up with him. However, after a few months and some insistance from him that surprised me (because he’d always been so passive), he moved to be with me again. We lived together until I…

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Good Enough

Thank you, Gina.

Gina Deaton

IMG_0337 I graduated from Mason High School, the largest high school in the state of Ohio, this past spring.

Growing up in the Mason school district, I developed severe anxiety.

This anxiety all stemmed from the idea that I was not good enough.

I attended one of the largest school districts, and the largest high school, in the state of Ohio. This made everything much harder, whether it was competing for class rank or a spot on a sports team. There was so much competition; there was always someone smarter than me, and someone more talented than me. Always. I felt increasingly average, like I had little talent, tiny in the shadow of my peers.

I played softball all growing up, and I was cut from the school softball team. Twice. I got good grades all growing up, and graduated high school proudly with a 4.5 GPA that I had worked my…

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I’ve been a blogger for several decades – some of those websites don’t even exist any more (way to make me feel old, thanks a lot, guys).  I signed up for WordPress and Tumblr and ever since, I haven’t been able to think of a daggone thing to say that is witty or partially intelligent.  But then, that never stopped me before.  😉   I dunno…  maybe my life has gotten too happy to be inspired to blog much? Well, that’s a problem I’ll be happy to keep!  Or at least I’ll ride that wave as long as it lasts.

Just gonna park this baby for awhile and see what happens next.   Until next time!