You can’t go home again…

… but I did it anyway 🙂  Nearly 10 years ago I went back to my childhood home (the one I wrote about last time) and took some pictures.  The first big change – the road was paved.  It also was nearly double its original length, extending way on up the hollow and there were a dozen or so “new” houses up there.  The owners of our old house had fun redoing the landscaping and painting.  Now it’s gray – I remember it being white.  The front steps used to make an “L” and led down into the driveway about halfway between the garage door and the bottom of the drive way.  It looks quite nice.  The neighbor’s house looks entirely different due to the addition on our side.  I wish I’d pivoted to my right and taken a picture of “my hill”.  Maybe next trip 🙂

Our house on the left

Our house on the left

The hill behind the house was a relatively steep grade and there was nothing but woods between the edge of our backyard and the crest of the hill.  There was a well-worn path between my house and the neighbors that led all the way up.  All the way up to… (cue scary music)… the Water Tower.  And next to that was … (even louder scary music)… a cemetery.  It was a creepy place to be at dusk. Valleys get foggy quickly in the hills and as soon as the sun slides behind the mountain, it gets really dark, really fast.  Me and a couple of the neighbor kids would dare each other to stay out as late as we could, but we nearly always scampered back down the hill to safety pretty quickly.

By the way – it wasn’t the graveyard that scared us. It was the idea of the kind of people that might hang out in a graveyard at night that was threatening.  Come to think of it, the only people that seemed to do that was… us.  LOL.  Hadn’t thought of it that way before.

You know, when you’re a kid and you inevitably play Cowboys and Indians?  Well… I just played “Indian”.  We have Native American blood in our family tree, and I take great pride in this – and as a kid? Forgettaaboutit.  Any excuse for a costume! I had a turquoise shirt trimmed in white leather fringe, beadwork on the chest, and a matching skirt.  I LOVED that outfit.  I also loved to practice walking barefoot in the hills as quietly as possible. To make it all the way to the top of the hill without snapping a twig, or making tree leaves rustle – that was my goal.  Downhill, though – all bets were off.  Speed was the thing on the way down – especially to see if I could do it without falling – something my less-than-graceful body wasn’t particularly good at.  I don’t remember any major wipeouts, but … that to be fair – that could be due to concussion or something  🙂

It’s a shame we grow up and busy ourselves to the point where we don’t take time to walk barefoot in the soil and feel the breezes on our face.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to step outside for a few.  But first I have to take my shoes and socks off…

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